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Why Do You Have Stubbornly Sharp Nails ?

    Despite the fact that nails may not appear like a crucial component of your body, they are. Not only can they contribute significantly to your physical appearance, but they may also serve as health indicators.

    You've probably come across folks who have poor nail hygiene, and it's affected the way you view them. My focus today is on a specific nail condition that many of you may have.

    Despite the fact that this is a rather uncommon ailment, I've come across a few folks whose nails are overly sharp... Despite the fact that it may appear inconsequential, this can have serious consequences for you and those around you.

    Is there a way to remedy this issue? What's the use of having sharp nails if they can't be mended? In this piece, I'll give you some advice on how to deal with the issue of sharp nails, including how to care for them and what products you may use.

What is Nail Structure and Function?

    Understanding the fundamentals is essential to finding a solution to any challenge. When it comes to nail anatomy, there isn't much to it; each contains a nail plate, a matrix, a bed, and grooves all around it. The nail plate alone is a significant contributor to our issue.

    Protein keratin is what makes up the nail plate. Among vertebrates, this protein is a key component of hair, feathers, nails, hooves, and the outer layer of the skin. Keratin is what gives your nails their hardness, strength, and sharpness. The blood arteries under your nails are what give your nails their pink hue.

    Indeed, our fingernails serve an important function in our daily lives. Nails and claws in other animals are the same organ, therefore while discussing their sharpness, keep this in mind. We use nails to dig, grip, scratch, and perform a variety of other motor movements. In order to serve us in our daily lives, nails should have a good level of hardness and sharpness.

How to Properly Cut your Nails and Make Them Less Sharp?

    Improper nail-cutting practices might lead to increased sharpness in your nails. I'll show you how to cut your nails correctly so that you don't have to deal with the pain and discomfort caused by poor nail maintenance.

    After a hot bath or shower, be careful to trim your nails. Make sure your nails are pliable before you begin clipping them. Using hot water to soften the nail plate might help to reduce the sharpness of your nails, which may be caused by their brittleness.

    Choosing the right tools is also vital. I use nail cutters, although brittle, sharp nails may not be optimal. Clippers get dull quickly, therefore they smash nails to sharpen them.

    I like manicure scissors. In addition to being sharp and staying sharp, they provide you more control over the cut's arch.

    When trimming and cutting your nails, don't cut the whole nail at once. This might sharpen your nail. Move slowly from side to side in little increments.

    This reduces the amount of sharp edges that might irritate cloth.

    Apply moisturizer after cutting your nails. This reduces nail brittleness and cracking.


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